Sharjah + Ajman City Tour

Sharjah + Ajman City Tour

 This combo tour combines stops at the cities of Sharjah and Ajman. Sharjah is acknowledged as one of the cultural centers of the UAE since it is home to many museums that highlight the history of the region, as well as two covered souqs that feature traditional Islamic designs. 

Sharjah Ajman City Tour From Dubai

This combo visit consolidates stops at the urban areas of Sharjah and Ajman. Sharjah is recognized as one of the social focuses of the UAE since it is home to numerous historical centers that feature the historical backdrop of the locale, and two secured souqs that component conventional Islamic outlines.

A portion of the attractions incorporated into the visit:

The Blue Souq: Also known as the Central Souq, this is the biggest souq in the city and got its name from the blue-shaded vaulted rooftop. There are around 600 shops in the souq which offer an assortment of items, in spite of the fact that the principal floor is dedicated to gems including classical Omani and Yemeni pieces.

Lord Faisal Mosque: This is the biggest mosque in the city and was named after the previous leader of Saudi Arabia. The mosque possesses somewhere in the range of 12,000 square meters, and can suit up to 17,000 admirers.

Ajman Museum: Housed in what was before an eighteenth century fortress, this gallery offers a gander at Ajman's history with shows including antiques, old apparatuses and weapons and a collection of verifiable photos.

The Gold Souq: Participants can end the visit by shopping in this souq that offers a widce assortment of gold gems.

Sharjah City Day Tour itinerary :
  •  Pick from your Apartment, Residence, Hotel
  •  Guided tour of Sharjah and Ajman
  •  King Faisal Mosque
  •  Al Ithad Monument
  •  The Rulers Old Palace
  •  The Natural History Museum and Archeological museum
  •  Blue Souk
  •  Ajman Museum
  •  Sharjah Ajman Beach
  •  Sharjah Gold Souq
  •  Refreshment with Cold & Soft Drinks
  •  Drop off your location